Zarek has performed in a wide variety of contemporary musical genres and formats such as musical theatre comedy stage performance, Spanish & Gypsy troupes, Cover bands & Acoustic duos.


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  • Zarek and Albi - Switzerland, Germany + Netherlands (20 Shows)


  • Zarek Silberschmidt CD Release Tour - New Zealand (32 Shows)

  • Zarek and Albi - New Zealand (10 Shows)



Press -

"His program, entitled "The Art of Guitar", took our listeners on a journey through his homeland and straight through the western world. He cleverly adapted songs by Stevie Wonder, John Butler and others with his unique rhythmic, melodic style, showcasing his tremendous talents with passages ranging from lyrically sweet to intense and explosive. The audience also greatly enjoyed his colourful and humorous introductions."
Swiss Foundation For Young Musicians

"Zarek is a very special kind of artist, who combines an incredible talent and dedication to his craft, with an inescapable wit and charm, and a performance that is truly captivating, whether it's jamming on the floor of a studio, warming up at the back of a bar or up with the mic on the stage. We are so proud to have had him as one of our very first featured artists for INDHE and look forward to watching the magic of his career continue to unfold all around the world. On a personal note, I'm also really looking forward to sharing a stage with Zarek, hopefully one day in the not too distant future."
- Miss Bridget Walsh, Musician & Founder, INDHE

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Bachelor Of Musical Arts 2015

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