P.C. Swiss Foundation For Young Musicians

Zarek Silberschmidt, described by audiences and colleagues alike as a chameleon within his articulation of acoustic guitar performance. 

Stylistically defined as remarkably versatile, some would go as far to state, a natural born performer. Zarek’s unique dexterity in the art of shape shifting sounds has been described as simply phenomenal by audiences. A spectrum of techniques mastered through a vast comprehension of genre specific qualities, grants his ability to seamlessly accommodate to each individual performance. 

"His program, entitled "The Art of Guitar", took our listeners on a journey through his homeland and straight through the western world.”
Swiss Foundation For Young Musicians

Distinguishably, an upbringing within many cultures prepared him for this career in worldly performing. Inspiring immersion into the culture behind respective genres and techniques. Originating from Australasia, Zarek has since completed tours in New Zealand and Europe. Inspired by his European lineage, is now based in Basel, Switzerland as a full time musician. 

Influences of Tommy Emmanuel and John Butler fuel ingenious renditions of ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ and ‘Ocean’, showcasing immense ability and maturity within this realm of expression.  

Early collaborations saw Zarek play with many different bands and genres. Development within Classical, Gypsy-Jazz and Flamenco then became the foundation for his career as a solo guitarist. Extensive experience within the industry shows collaborations from the Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra to live theatre shows with international touring acts. Most recently Zarek completed a tour of the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland & New Zealand. He continues to build his international network whilst further advancing on his path.